What To Expect

The Game Plan

Your surgeon in Providence, RI, will personally see you on your first visit to help you make The Game Plan. This starts with your history and symptoms, including your work and outside activities. He will examine you, and usually, x-rays are taken right in the office. He will then review everything with you, and tell you about treatment options. If the treatment is simple, such as an injection, it can be done at that first visit. If further testing is needed, or if splints or therapy are required, you can make the appointment at the front desk. Finally, if the problem requires surgery you can make the appointment right then, or call back when you know your schedule.

The Game Plan makes sure we are all on the same page, and that you understand all the available options.

Hand Therapy

Our occupational therapists here in Providence, RI, are specially trained in hand and upper extremity disorders and understand the problems, the treatments you need, and how it impacts your life.

An important step in the treatment of orthopaedic problem is rehabilitation after injury or surgery. By combing splints (which will be made for you), specialized exercises, and modalities such as ultrasound, your recovery will as quickly as possible. As part of the Game Plan, you and the therapists can measure your progress and make whatever adjustments are necessary. Finally, you will have “homework” to do, ensuring that your recovery continues even though you are not in the office.


Our x-ray machine, a Hologic Fluoroscan, is specially designed for the hand and upper extremity. It produces images digitally, with almost no radiation exposure. The quality of the pictures makes it possible to see even the smallest detail. You will see the images instantly on the screen.

Office Support 

In this ever complicated health care system, our patients often need help navigating. Whether the issue is questioned about your health insurance, support for TDI or disability applications, or information for your attorney, our Providence staff will make it happen. Please don’t ever be reluctant to ask for support.

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