Conditions We Treat

Because the hand and upper extremity are so important to us, getting the right treatment for a problem or injury is critical. Since we specialize in these problems we can provide the newest and best treatment to you in Providence, RI, whatever the problem is.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is certainly one of the more common problems we see, It usually presents as numbness and tingling in the hand, particularly at night. The workup includes your history (more common in diabetic patients). X-rays (looking for injuries), and a nerve test, or EMG, performed by a neurologist. Splints made for you will greatly reduce nighttime symptoms.

If it is caused by repetitive work, such as typing, modifying your workstation may help. Therapy and injections are effective but temporary. Dr. Hubbard introduced Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release surgery into southern New England in 1992. This revolutionized this surgical procedure, by using a TV camera to look inside the hand and release the ligament without a big incision in the palm. With less pain, and starting to use the hand the next day, patients return to their activities 50% faster than previously.

This innovative approach is an example of how we can apply newer and better Technology to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Below are some other examples of problems we see in our office, and how they are treated. For more information click on the problem. You will be directed to the Patient Information Page of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand, the most prestigious organization in the world for this specialty. (Dr. Hubbard has been a member since 1984.)

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