About The Rhode Island Hand and Orthopaedic Center

Dr. Hubbard and the team at the Rhode Island Hand and Orthopaedic Center specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the hand and upper extremity. He personally sees every patient and supervises all of the care they receive. Here patients are given prompt appointments, on the same day if necessary. No answering machines and phone tag. We even make your referral appointments, such as for an MRI, for you. By providing medical evaluations, X-Rays, hand therapy and splinting services in our office, we shorten the number of appointments you may need and can better coordinate your care. We offer a variety of treatment methods and plans that work for you. Prior to being treated, Dr. Leonard Hubbard will review your case and consult with you about your options. His goal is to create a treatment plan that truly meets your needs and that you can get on board with. You’ll love Dr. Hubbard’s patient-centered approach to care. He prides himself on listening to patients, understanding their needs, and crafting treatment plans that work with a patient’s lifestyle. We can also help you with your insurance plan, including evaluating what co-pays and deductibles you may have. Our staff, including the billing staff, is in the office and always available to help answer questions. We will check your insurance in advance of your first appointment. You can even fill out your medical history online at this website. Please bring the results of any testing you might have had for your problem. Should you need surgery it will be done at Blackstone Surgicare (www.blackstonevalleyasc.com) in Johnston, at the Atwood Medical Center. This freestanding operating facility only does outpatient surgery and is a facility of the CharterCare network of healthcare facilities. The anesthesiologists and nurses that staff Blackstone have extensive training and hospital experience. You will be delighted at the care you receive. For information about your surgeon in Providence, RI, and our office policies, please click on Office Policies in the bar at the top of the page.
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