Welcome to The RI Hand & Orthopaedic Center
in Providence, RI

Imagine that you had numbness in the hands, or pain in the joints form arthritis, or sports or work injuries? Perhaps you or someone close to you have these symptoms. Your bones, muscles, and nerves are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes things just happen. And you need to know where to go and who can help. You are from Rhode Island, Southern Massachusetts, or Connecticut, and you want world-class care close to home.

Special Expertise and Experience

Dr. Hubbard established the Rhode Island Hand and Orthopaedic Center with a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating these orthopaedic problems, with special expertise in problems of the hands, elbow, wrist, and shoulder. A highly trained orthopaedic surgeon and hand specialist, Dr. Hubbard has life experience as well. He has served as a US Navy medical officer with the Marine Corps, taught medical students and residents at Brown as a co-founder of University Orthopedics, and participated in many research and academic projects. Like you, he enjoys life and does not want to let anything interrupt it.

You and Your Family are Important to Us

Here you are treated like family, with respect for your medical conditions and the problems in your life they can cause. Carpal tunnel syndrome can interrupt your sleep, arthritis can keep you from work or doing things you love, and injuries can unexpectedly create chaos in your life.

In large medical groups you can get lost, and perhaps even have to see different doctors on each visit. Here you see Dr. Hubbard, and he supervises every aspect of your care. You care is important to us. After all, that is the reason you are here.

Welcome to the Rhode Island Hand and Orthopaedic Center, and how can we help you?

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Welcome to the Center

Dr. Hubbard and the team at the Rhode Island Hand and Orthopaedic Center specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the hand and upper extremity...


Welcome to the Center

Conditions We Treat

Because the hand and upper extremity are so important to us, getting the right treatment for a problem or injury is critical. Since we specialize in these problems we can provide the newest and best treatment to you, whatever the problem is.


Symptoms and Conditions

Services We Provide

Dr. Hubbard will personally see you on your first visit to help you make The Game Plan...


Services We Provide

Hand Therapy

Located in Cranston, Rhode Island, our experienced team at the Rhode Island Hand & Orthopedic Center is committed to providing patients with an exceptional experience before, during, and after treatment.




I love Dr. Hubbard and all his staff. They are very polite, caring, and professional. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. I have had three surgeries and each time he has taken very good care of me with the greatest of results. I wouldn’t hesitate to see him for all of my needs in his field. Best doctor I have had in all my adult life.

Thanks to everyone there – doctors, nurses, receptionists, and therapists. A very successful outcome for me! You all are the best!


Contact Us Now!

Monday-Friday : 7:00am-4:00pm
1150 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920
Email : info@rihandcenter.com

Fax : (401) 946-7230

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