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At the Rhode Island Hand and Orthopaedic Center we employ the newest medical techniques available, combining this care with old-fashioned principles of availability and honesty in patient care. In a private practice setting attention can be focused on you and your care, free of the administrative hassles and confusion so prevalent today in large groups and hospitals

Unlike many practices today, at each of your medical visits you will be seen by Dr. Hubbard himself, not by another health care provider. Initial X-rays are done in the office at the time of the visit, saving you time and money. If other testing, such as EMG's or MRI's are necessary, we will make the arrangements for you at the time of your visit. We want you to leave the office fully informed about the game plan, and to not have to worry about what to expect next. We work with high-quality testing facilities and referral doctors that provide prompt and responsive care, and we will have the report to discuss with you at your follow-up visit. 

Many conditions, such as tendonitis, do not require an operation, but non-operative care instead. This may include medications and therapy, such as splinting and the modalities offered by our completely equipped hand rehabilitation facility, in the same office. Beth Rothrock, OTR/L is the hand therapist in charge, and will work with you to facilitate your recovery.

Should surgery be necessary, we will see that you are fully informed about the procedure and its ramifications. Our website also has educational material, including videos that you can view at home. The educated patient is much less likely to be apprehensive and to be uncertain how to handle work and family issues surrounding the upcoming surgery.

We understand how complicated insurance and workman's compensation issues are, and will help you with them at every step of the way.


Types of Problems We See

Dr. Hubbard specializes in the care of hand and upper extremity disorders, including the shoulder. All types of problems are seen here, from congenital deformities to fractures to reconstructive surgery for arthritis.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed in the base of the hand. Symtpoms include numbness, tingling, and pain, especially at night.

Diagnosiing this condition accurately requires an examination, xrays of the wrist, and usually an EMG, or electrical test on the nerve.

Many patients with CTS can be manages with splinting or therapy programs. However, many have EMG changes that point to surgery as the best option for recovery.

Although CTS has beeen treated surgicaly since 1949, the procedure has required an open incision in the palm, which is more invasive.. In more recent years Dr. Hubbard has performed the procedure using an endoscope with a small TV camera. In this way the release can be done with two tiny incisions, looking at the TV monitor.

The results are spectacularly different, and patients begin using the hand the next day. Most take little or no pain medications, and return to their activities twice as fast compared to other methods.

Dr. Hubbard has performed more than 4000 Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Releases, and continues to refine the technique.

Some of the other common conditions we treat: 

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Surgical Facilities

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blackstone-valleyMost hand and upper extremity procedures, including those on the shoulder, can be done in an outpatient setting. Dr. Hubbard works at Blackstone Valley Surgicare, in Johnston, RI. Located near Rte. 6 and Rte. 295, it has ample free parking and easy access, unlike busy hospital facilities. The center is owned by SCA, located in Birmingham, Alabama, which manages such facilities.

Established in 1978, Blackstone Valley Surgicare one of the first such facilities specializing in outpatient surgery in the United States. Recently constructed, this facility concentrates only on outpatient surgery. It is more focused and efficient than hospitals, with less waiting time, lower infections, and fewer complications. All anesthesia personnel, nurses, and other staff are seasoned professionals and fully qualified. For more information about Blackstone Valley Surgicare, visit www.bvsurgicare.com.


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